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Handling and Food to Overcome Diarrhea in Babies

When a baby has diarrhea, he needs to get enough fluid and food to keep him from getting dehydrated. However, not all foods are suitable for babies when they have diarrhea. So, what kinds of foods are suitable to be given when the baby has diarrhea and how to overcome them? Diarrhea in babies is most often caused by a viral infection. But sometimes, diarrhea experienced by infants can also be caused by bacterial or parasitic infections, poisoning, drinking too much fruit juice, to the side effects of drugs. Babies can also experience diarrhea due to an allergy to formula milk that he consumes or lactose intolerance. Under normal conditions, babies do defecate frequently (more often than adults). However, babies are said to have diarrhea if the texture of the feces that were originally dense turn out to be more watery (diarrhea), or if bowel movements occur more frequently, causing it to limp or fuss. Handling and Food For Baby Diarrhea Diarrhea caused by a viral infection can re
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Get to know Tantrums in Adults and How to Handle them

Tantrums are mostly found in children, but can also occur in adults. Tantrums in adults are not just a matter of ordinary emotions, but can be a sign of certain mental disorders. Tantrums are emotional outbursts that arise when one's desires are not fulfilled. This condition can be recognized by the appearance of symptoms in the form of tense facial expressions, talking in a high tone and loud voice, restless, frustrated, angry, and moving hands quickly. In some cases, adults who perform tantrums can vent their anger with aggressive behavior, such as acts of violence or damage to property. Tantrums in adults can be caused by many things, including: Wrong parenting in childhood. Have experienced physical or verbal abuse. Suffer from certain mental disorders, such as bipolar disorder, depression, borderline personality disorder, autism, PTSD, and ADHD. Drug abuse. Managing Tantrums in Adults with Emotion Management There are several methods that can be used to handle tan

Increasing Weight Becomes More Ideal

When other people want to lose weight, it's not wrong if you want to know how to make the body become fuller. Gaining weight is not an easy matter for those of you who have a thin body. Having a body too thin is not always fun. This can be a problem if the cause is lack of nutrition or certain diseases. Not to mention, if you view these conditions can worsen when you, especially women, are pregnant. However, there are healthy ways you can take so that you can gain weight. First Check Your Health The best way to gain weight depends on what causes you to lose or lose weight. So before starting a weight gain program, first check whether your weight is below normal weight by calculating your body mass index. If indeed you are underweight, you may need medical attention. Some conditions that can cause your body weight to decrease from normal include: Hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid gland. Celiac disease that makes the body unable to absorb certain nutrients from food.